About Jasmine’s Place

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Jasmines’ Place is a free online inspirational magazine for women. Jasmine’s Place is where women are –  in business, in homes, on the school run and more.

We celebrate God’s works in the lives of women. Women He has given victories in the face of difficulties, testimonies in spite of trials, laughter instead of tears. Women He has guided, strengthened, saved, rescued,  restored, protected, filled with purpose, encouraged, cheered on and taken from strength to strength.  Each issue is packed with inspiring  stories that uplift and encourage.

You’ll also find  wholesome home, business, style and beauty features, as well as healthy articles, décor tips and travel guides curated just for you.  We also spotlight areas around the world where action is required to help people in need, as we introduce you to great charities working on the frontlines of those needs.

The magazine was started in 2012, and followed in 2014, by audio productions that dramatically retell the stories of women in the Bible whose lives were turned around, touched and changed  by God.

All  issues and installments of the magazine and audio series are free to read and listen to. Discover them all via the menu tabs above or the links on the right.  Our audio series could be on radio very soon! Find out more via the link to the right.

And a new issue of your magazine is out!

Hope you’re inspired by the issue. Do remember to share it with a friend or two. To be notified when the next issue comes out, simply subscribe in the handy box on the last page of the issue, or in the box to your left right here on the website.

Without further ado, check out your new issue no. 18!




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