Radio Series

KXOJ-FM, a powerhouse Christian station in Tulsa, Oklahoma will like to air our mini-drama series during their prime time 6am to 10am Morning Drive show.

Tied for first place in the area, the show reaches over 20,000 women per week.

Our series will be broadcast in twenty 2 minute slots per month during the show.  Each slot will be divided into two 1 minute slots totalling to forty 1 minute slots per month.

KXOJ-FM is owned by Stephens Media Group, a Tulsa family tradition since 1977. The station is an AC Christian music format 24/7, playing top of the chart artists. Their Facebook page is one of the top four radio station pages in Tulsa and their website averages around 200,000 page views per month.

On average, KXOJ-FM listeners are married professionals. Home, family and lifestyle are their highest priorities.

Together we can reach this great audience. Introduce your products and services in a top prime time show in a series that will endear you to listeners. The demos below give you a presentation of how your name will go out with each broadcast.

I Love You – Part 1

I Love You – Part 2

In addition to the demos above, we have produced 7 installments in this series,  and more are in the works, so this is sustainable. To listen to those produced so far, please visit the page Dramatized audio productions.

Want more details about this opening? If so, please get in touch via the contact form below.

Family friendly and quality lifestyle services and products in line with the station’s ethos please.

Let’s work together! Thank you.





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