Dramatized audio productions

Dramatized audio productions for women about women in the Bible.

Women you know, women you love and women yet to be discovered.

These are their inspiring stories. Divine encounters in which God changed difficult, sometimes desperate situations around.

Look through their eyes, listen to their heartbeats, walk in their steps,  experience and be inspired by their stories of healing, deliverance and change.

I Love You – Theme: Restoration

-The story of the woman whose baby was saved by King Solomon’s wisdom

I am Here – Theme: Surrender

-The story of Ruth, Naomi and Boaz

To the Brink – Theme: Protection

-The story of Moses’s deliverance from the Nile from Jochebed, his mother’s perspective.

Rachel’s Story – Theme: Healing

-The story of the birth of Joseph, from Rachel, his mother’s perspective.

A Spark of Hope – Theme: Healing

-The story of the woman with the issue of blood.

More Than Enough – Theme: Provision

-Fun story of the mother of the boy who shared his lunch with Jesus

Everlasting Father – Theme: Restoration

-The story of the woman caught in adultery, whom Jesus saved from a mob.

Rebecca, Rahab and more women wait in the wings.






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